Shop Asia Online - Who are We?

We are an online marketing company providing a link to some of Asia’s leading brands and manufacturers. There are many great brands available from Asia which have features and quality comparable with the more well known local brands. Buying direct saves  money, it doesn’t always mean a sacrifice in quality or features. It simply means you are not paying your local retailer and their supplier to run their businesses.

How this Website Works

We don’t sell anything, we link you direct to the suppliers using their preferred customer interfaces. Some of the interfaces used are Aliexpress, Ebay and Amazon which all provide safe payment terms and track and trace on shipments. We encourage you to check the information at the payment gateway end before committing to the purchase in case it has been updated. Your contract will be direct with the supplier, Shop Asia Online only act as a window to the supplier.

Thanks using Shop Asia Online – Happy shopping.

Terms and Conditions

Your contract is with the seller of the goods to you and not with Shop Asia Online and such so are the terms and conditions of sale. Any save claims or pricing representations shown on this website are indicative and must be checked at time of checkout as Shop Asia Online has no control over when sellers change their pricing.

Any save claim representations are from the seller and may not comply with your local law. They do however make a fair representation of how much you can save by buying direct from Asia rather than a local retail shop.