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About AEGISMAX Sleeping Bags

AEGISMAX sleeping bags are a leading sleeping bag manufacturer from China which was established on May 25 2010.  Since then they have become the vane of modern design producing some of the lightest sleeping bags available today. Their distribution model doesn’t rely on over priced retailers to sell their product. Instead they use more direct channels such as eBay, Amazon, Trademe and Aliexpress. Because of this their sleeping bags can be sold at a fraction of the cost of other more well known local brands.

3 Main types of sleeping bags are produced by AEGISMAX sleeping bags, hoodless mummy down sleeping bags, full mummy down sleeping bags and envelope down sleeping bags. As well as making high quality sleeping bags they also produce down clothing. If you know which type of AEGISMAX sleeping bags you are looking for you can see the range available by clicking on the category tile below. Alternatively read on for a brief breakdown of the key difference between the sleeping bag types.

Hoodless Mummy Down Sleeping Bags

The hoodless mummy sleeping bags are by far the most popular. This is due to their ultralight weight which is partly due to the absence of the hood on the top of the sleeping bag. When hiking multiple days the weight of your pack should be as light as possible. Unless you are hiking in cold winter climates there is little since in packing a warm beanie to use during the day and a full mummy sleeping bag. Instead of doing this an alternative is to bring a warm beanie and a hood less down mummy sleeping bag.

Another thing which makes these sleeping bags ultralight is the tapered mummy shape which matches the contours of the human body. This means the minimum about of fabric and down is required to make the bag. The overall result is an ultralight weight warm sleeping bag.

Aegismax Sleeping Bags Full Mummy Down Sleeping Bags

Aegismax full mummy down sleeping bags are best for when hiking or camping in cold winter months. The hood enables the body and heads heat to be encapsulated inside the sleeping bag. This results in a more efficient sleeping bag as less down can be used to get similar temperature ratings as hoodless sleeping bags. Because of this the AEGISMAX G5 can be produced with a lower limit of -30°C/-22°F with a sleeping bag weight of only 1768 grams.

Envelope Down Sleeping Bags

The envelope style sleeping bags are for those who want to stretch out a bit while sleeping. They are a hoodless down sleeping bag usually with a rectangle shape. This means there is plenty of leg room at the bottom of the bag. The main disadvantages of this style of bag is they require more fabric and down to produce so will not be as light as equivalent mummy shaped alternatives. They are likely to cost a little more also so the benefit of the extra room vs cost and weight need to be considered. 

Official AEGISMAX Sleeping Bags Website

If you are trying to find the official AEGISMAX sleeping bags website you are out off luck unless you can read Chinese. Alternatively you can use google translate to translate from the official AEGISMAX sleeping bags website which is what have endeavoured to do for you. If you would like to view the official AEGISMAX sleeping bags website just click on the image below to be taken through.

AEGISMAX Sleeping Bags and Shop Asia Online

Why have we selected Aegismax sleeping bags to go on Shop Asia Online? The simple reason is they are the best value down sleeping bags available and they are also used as the sleeping bag of choice by our hiking product team. Shop Asia Online’s goal is to make deciding which of Aegismax sleeping bags to buy easy. When viewing their range on eBay, Amazon, Trademe or any other platform it can be confusing. We have removed the duplicates and arranged the product specifications in an easy to follow consistent manner.

When you have decided which of the Aegismax sleeping bags is best for you we will take you to the Aliexpress to check out. The prices displayed on Shop Asia Online are in USD, once directed to Aliexpress you will be able to select your local currency and shipping method. Payment is secure and your transaction is covered by Aliexpress’s buyer protection program. 

The reason we have chosen Aliexpress over eBay, Amazon, Trademe and the others is because the majority of sellers on these platforms are buying from Aliexpress and re-selling at a higher price. Buy direct form the source yourself and save money.

In most cases Aegismax sleeping bags are shipped to most countries for FREE. Countries shipped to include AU, UK, US, CA, DE, NZ, ZA plus many more.


Models Available

There are many models available in the Aegismax sleeping bag range. Below are some of the most popular models available through this website.
  • Aegismax Leto.
  • G1 sleeping bag.
  • G2 sleeping bag.
  • G3 sleeping bag.
  • G4 sleeping bag.
  • G5 sleeping bag.
  • Aegismax 800 sleeping bag.
  • Aegismax Nano 1.
  • Aegismax Nano 2.