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Herobook 14.1 Pro
Herobook 14.1 Pro
CHUWI Lapbook Pro 8GB RAM Ad
CHUWI Lapbook Pro 8GB RAM
Hi10 X Tablet
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Chuwi Herobox Computer for TV
CHUWI Herobox Computer for TV
Chuwi U Book


About Chuwi

CHUWI was founded in 2004 producing MP3 and MP4 players. Since then they have expanded their range significantly with distribution channels globally with the majority of their sales sold through Amazon, Aliexpress and eBay. They have stringent quality controls in place to ensure production of high quality and reliable product at an affordable price.

Utilizing the global platforms such as Aliexpress, eBay and Amazon they can deliver laptops, notebooks and tablets to you at a fraction of the price of local retailers. All of these platforms of secure payment and buyer protection so you can buy online with confidence. ShopAsia Online will direct you to Aliexpress to buy you new CHUWI computer as most of the sellers on Amazon and eBay are resellers who buy from Aliexpress.

CHUWI Website

Chuwi Website
Chuwi Website

For more information and news on their product range you can visit the Chuwi website. Available on their website is the CHUWI forum where you can ask technical questions on their product product range. You can also chat with them using Facebook messenger if you need any further support of information on one of their products. If you need more information on the CHUWI Laptop, CHUWI Aero, CHUWI Lapbook pro 8gb, Chuwei U Book, Herobook 14.1, hi10 or Herobook you will find it on the CHUWI website or can ask from the CHUWI official Aliexpress store.