Gas Stoves for Camping

Gas Stoves for Camping

If you want to know what is the best gas stove for hiking or camping our answer is there is no such thing. It depends on the situation such as how many days you are planning to be away for, how many people in your group and the type of food you will be taking.

Shop Asia online gives you access to a great range of portable gas stoves for camping. Our focus is mostly on portable stoves for tramping however these stoves can also be used for camping. If you are confused over which portable gas stove to buy for camping read on and we will explain from our point of view.


Screw on Gas Stoves

These gas stoves screw directly onto the top of the gas cylinder using the gas cylinder as a base. The benefit of this type of gas cooking stove is they are small and lightweight. However they are not as safe as some other gas stoves as they are only suitable for using small pots and pans. 

Another limitation of screw on gas stoves for cooking is the flame is often focused on the center of the pan. This means the center of the cooking pan is likely to get too hot while the sides will not be hot enough. The way around this is to constantly move the pan around while cooking.

BRS Titanium Stove for Hikng BRS-3000T

The BRS-3000T is a titanium stove best suited for tramping over just a few days. It is one of, if not the lightest gas stoves for camping  available weighing on 25 grams.

This titanium gas stove is slightly less powerful than the other screw on gas stoves in the range and has a rather narrow flame. Because of this it can take longer to cook your food meaning it will use more gas. Therefore the light weight of this gas cooker could make your total pack weight heavier if you need to take a bigger gas cylinder with you.

The shorts arms and narrow flame of these gas stoves for camping restrict the size of the pot. Using a pot which is too big would take too long to cook and would also become unstable. There is also no ignition button which means you will need to pack some matches or a lighter.

Overall this is a good way to go for short trips if cooking food for just one person. Can also be used as a back up stove for when using busy huts with limited cooking facilities.

CM2102 and CM2103 Tramping Gas Stoves

The CM2102 and CM2103 tramping gas stoves are similar to the BRS-3000T. They have short arms so are restricted in the size of the pots which can be used to cook food. 

They are heavier weighing approximately 50 grams however they do have an ignition button built in. The other advantage in using these tramping gas stoves is they have a wider flame. This flame also puts our more power.

This means these gas stoves for camping are a little more energy efficient. Not to mention will cook better pancakes and eggs on the campsite.

Lixada Gas Stove for Camping

The Lixada gas stove for camping is my favorite screw in gas stove. If you love cooking and want to cook descent food at the campsite then this stove is what you need. It is one of the best gas stoves for camping.

The arms on this stove are fairly wide so you can use larger pots and pans on this stove for camping. It also puts our a wide flame which has better distribution of heat over the other models in the range.

The main drawback of using this portable gas stove over the others is it’s weight, it weighs almost 4 times as much as the prior mentioned stoves. It also doesn’t have an ignition button so matches will need to be used to lite the stove.

These are  good gas stoves for camping  if you don’t have to walk far to your campsite. It performs better than all the stoves in the range. Due to it’s size however it would be best to use the larger gas cylinders for better stability. 


APG Rapid Boil Camping Gas Stoves

APG rapid boil stoves are fully contained camping stoves which boil water fast compared to regular gas stoves.  They screw into a gas cylinder and have a special heat accumulating ring which traps the heat and also acts as a windshield. Because of this the flame is more focused and can heat water fast.

The two biggest disadvantages of these gas stoves for camping is their stability and the flame focus. The height of the unit makes it fairly unstable so is best used on a flat surface as it can easily tip over. Also the flame is really only good for heating water due to it’s narrow focus.

As well as heating water fast these gas stoves for camping are fairly light and take up little room in your pack. This is because the gas cylinder and stove pack nicely inside the pot. The combined weight of the stove and pot is 427 grams and this is with a starter button built in.

This APG rapid boil stove is perfect for if you are only looking to use hydrated meals. The efficiency of the stove means it also uses less gas. In other words if you are trying to keep your pack weight down for long hikes these gas stoves for hiking are perfect.


Free Standing Gas Stoves for Camping

Free standing camping gas stoves are a good way to go if you are wanting a more stable cooking surface. They are heavier than screw on models but are very stable due to their pull out legs. If you are likely to be using your camping stove on uneven surfaces or using larger pots and pans, then this is a good way to go.

Widesea Camping Gas Stove with Stand

The Widesea camping gas stove is a freestanding gas stove with fold out legs. These fold out legs and the arms on top provide a very stable cooking surface.

The top arms fold out to a diameter of 17 cm allowing for large pots and pans to be used. This makes this gas stove not only safer but also suitable for camping with groups. These gas stoves for camping are fairly heavy weighing approximately 290 grams however do have starter ignition buttons built in.

The flame on these stoves is not a wide flame so when cooking with large pots it is recommended to move the pot around while cooking. Because of the stoves stability this isn’t such an issue as it is with the screw on gas stoves.

These gas stoves for camping are best for when hiking in groups where the weight can be shared. The more people using a stove the more risk of an accident so a more stable base is best. The wide arms also allow for bigger pots and pans which are required for cooking for groups. Not the best gas stove option for the solo hiker.


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