Home Theatre Installation - The New Mulan Movie

Been waiting for the new movies to come out on the big screen such as the new Mulan movie? Well keeping waiting because the new Mulan movie will be skipping a lot of movie theaters around the world and going straight to a Mulan stream.

This is bad news if you are wanting to watch the new Mulan movie on the big screen and it is unlikely to screen there. However if you have you own home theatre installation then this is great news. Not only can you watch the new Mulan movie from the comfort of you own home, you can watch the Mulan stream when you want.

ShopAsia.Online has everything you need to set up you own home theatre installation. To view this complete range click on this pages banner to be taken to our shop. To learn what is needed for you home theatre installation continue down the page.

The New Mulan movie trailer
The New Mulan movie trailer

Where to Find the Mulan Stream

The Mulan stream can be found on Disney+. If you want to watch it before it is released on Disney+ subscriber service you will need to pay for premier Access. This is a charge on top of your existing subscriber service. To find out more information on how to get the Mulan stream click through to Disney+ on the image below.

Mulan stream
Mulan stream.

What's Required for a Home Theatre Installation for the Mulan Stream

Today setting up your own home theatre installation to watch the new Mulan movie is affordable especially if you buy your components via ShopAsia.Online. We have a range of home theatre installation product to suit any ones budget. 

To big screen the Mulan stream you can do it for as little as $37 by using a projector onto a white wall at night time. Alternatively you can spend hundreds of dollars and get a full system capable of streaming the new Mulan movie during the day.

Movie Projectors to Watch the new Mulan Movie

Our range of movie projectors has been carefully selected to suit different needs and budgets. There are many options available to choose from which can be confusing, so we have narrowed the range down to keep things simple.

The key things to consider when purchasing a projector are the resolution and the brightness. The brightness is important, if the projector is not very bright then you will have to watch the Mulan stream in darkness. If the projector has a high lumen output of say 6,800 lumens then you should be able to use it during the day.

The resolution is another factor, the bigger the numbers the sharper the image will be. This is important if you are intending on a large screen projection. With our listings the first resolution is the output resolution, the second is the input resolution. 

Some sellers will claim a projector is 4K resolution however this in most cases is the input resolution only.

Projection Screens for Your Mulan Stream

In some cases if you have a white or light gray color wall you will be able to project directly onto the wall. If you don’t you will need to get a projection screen.

The two main things to consider when buying a screen is the size and whether you want to use it during the day. If you are wanting to use your projector during the day to watch the new Mulan movie and the brightness isn’t enough to project onto a white screen or wall then a grey projection screen is best. 

If you are only going to watch at night or have a bright projector then a white projection screen is best for your home theatre installation.

Projector Mounts

Not essential but would make life easier is a projector mount. If you are intending to use your projector often then a permanent mounting solution would be best. Which one you get would depend on where you are able to mount it. Available in the range are wall mount and ceiling mounts. You may not know this until you try your projector out in the room first.

If you are not intending on using the projector often or may use it in different locations then we have a tripod mount option. This is a good way to go if your are renting and don’t want to screw holes into the ceiling or walls.


Other Accessories to Complete Your Home Theatre Installation

Aside from the above you may want to improve your sound by adding a Bluetooth speaker. You might also want to add a wireless keyboard if your control isn’t very handy. Some keyboards have back lights which make it easy to navigate your way when using your projector in the dark.

If you need longer cables, better quality cables or splitters we have these available for you also to help you complete you home theatre installation.

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Please note shipping can be delayed due to the current reduction in flights. If you don’t get your gear in time to watch the new Mulan movie then rest assured you will be set up for the next big release.