LI-NING is a sportswear apparel company which was founded in 1989 by Li Ning a former Chinese Olympic gymnast.  They produce a wide range of sporting apparel including badminton shoes, basketball shoes, t-shirts, pants, socks and other sports clothing lines. As well as producing sports apparel they are also make LI-NING badminton rackets which are used by some of the worlds top badminton players.

Players Using LI-NING Badminton Rackets

Li-NIng badminton rackets are some of the finest badminton rackets in the world. Some of the worlds top badminton players use Li-Ning as their preferred choice of badminton racket. Such players as Chen-Long and Chen Yu-Fei use Li-NIng plus many others which you will find listed in the individual racket listings.


LINING Badminton Rackets Video

Li-NIng rackets are loaded with technologies. Before buying a racket we suggest you watch the video below as it will help you decide which racket is best for you. Whether it is more power, more speed or a balance of both there is a racket which suits you. From beginner to advanced player you will be able to find the best badminton to match and improved your style of play.

Watch the below video to learn which is the best badminton racket to improve your smash, your delicate net shots or even your all round play.