1200GSM Car Detailing Microfibe Cloth


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1200GSM Car Detailing Cleaning Towel Microfiber Car Wash 1000GSM/1200 GSM Auto Washing Cloths 70/30 Blend Wash Wax Polishing

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Product Features:

1. 1200GMS/1000GMS . The Best Buffing Towel! Incredible Grip to Remove Waxes More Easily, Super Plush Buffing Towel is Designed Specifically For Wax and Sealant Removal. 2. Best Suited For Drying Wet Surfaces Or For Use With Quick Detail And Waterless Carwash Products 3. Double Side And 2 Layers Plush. Can Absorb Up To Almost 10 Times Their Weight In Liquid. Not Only Sucks Up Water Fast But Also Wrings Out Quickly And Easily, The Black Stitched Edges Won’t Scratch Surfaces. 4. Save Time, Money And Protect Your Paint By Not Having To Go To The Car Wash. Premium Quality Material And Reinforced Edges Make This Towel Strong And Long Lasting. 5. Ultra Soft, Plush-Long Pile Non-Abrasive Microfiber Cloths Will Not Scratch Paints, Coats Or Other Surfaces, Can Be Used For Crystal, Mirrors, Tiles, Windows, Cars, Hands, Dishes etc


Size: 48x42cm—1000g/m2 Size: 40x40cm—1200g/m2 Pack: 1pcs cleaning Towel

1200GSM Cleaning Cloth:


If there are fluff scattered on the towel when receiving the towel, it is the fluff generated during the production cutting process,You can be rest assured and use after washing.

If it is really the problem on the quality, we promise we can reship or refund.

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1000GSM Cleaning Cloth:

Size :42*48cm



3 X 1200GSM, 1200GSM Red, 1200GSM Blue, 1200GSM Black, 1000GSM Red, 1000GSM Blue, 1000GSM Black

1000GSM Size

48x42cm car wash

Material Type


Item Type

Sponges, Cloths & Brushes

Item Weight


Special Features

1000GSM Super Thick Plush

Item Width


Item Diameter


Item Height


Item Length


Model 1

1000g/m2 car cleaning

1200GSM Size

40x40cm detailing

Model 2

1200g/m2 microfiber towel car


red/blue/black Car Wash Cloths


2 Layers Plush cleanig cloths

Feature 1

Car Detailing Cleaning Rag Tool

Feature 2

Microfiber Towel for car

Feature 3

car towel

Feature 4

Wax Polishing Drying

Feature 5

70/30 Blend car detailing