Aegismax Nano 2 Ultralight Sleeping Bags 0~5°C
Only 624~742 grams


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The Aegismax Nano 2 ultralight sleeping bags are an upgraded version of the Aegismax mini sleeping bags. They have been made for use during the slightly colder climates or for use inside huts during winter. We take you direct to the supplier of Aegismax Non 2 sleeping bags to buy direct and save.

What Makes These Sleeping Bags so Good?

The lining structure has been enhanced to create a more consistent coverage of goose down which further assists in trapping your body warmth inside the bag. Maximum loft of the down will ensure maximum warmth is achieved. Aegismx nano2 structure

The key to producing the lightest sleeping bag possible is to use as much goose down as possible. Goose down is light a fluffy, it expands to create pockets of warmth. The Aegismax Nano 2 sleeping bag is filled with 95% fluffy white goose down with 800 filling power. This results in one of the lightest and warmest sleeping bags available for it’s ultra small packed size.

Inside filling 95% fluffy 800 FP white goose down

The top of the bag contains a draw string and toggle. This can be tightened to bring the sleeping bag close to your body.  This will trap the heat inside the bag increasing the efficiency of the sleeping bag.

Aegismax Nano2 Head Area Cropped

Aegismax Nano2 Head Area

These lightweight sleeping bags have a high quality YKK zipper at both ends of the bag. This means if your feet start to get too warm you can unzip the bottom end of the zipper keeping the top half zipped up. Alternatively if your upper body gets a little warm you can unzip down as far as you need to release some warm air.

High Quality YKK Zipper
High Quality YKK Zipper

Aegismax Nano 2 Dimensions

There are two sizes available of this amazing ultralight weight sleeping bag large and medium. This is great news as you only have to carry the weight you need to keep you warm. Not only this but Aegismax can cater for the taller people.

Because these sleeping bags are hoodless mummy sleeping bags you only need to consider the length to your shoulders. This means the Aegismax Nano 2 medium should fit most people.

When selecting the size it is important to select the size which isn’t too tight as this can prevent the down from fully lofting. Therefore if you are unsure whether to get a large or medium size sleeping bag we recommend getting the large.

Aegismax Nano 2 Sleeping Bag Dimensions

The Aegismax Nano 2 comes with two bags, a stuff bag and a storage bag. The stuff bag is used while you are tramping or travelling. While the storage bag is used for storing the bag at home. We recommend using the storage bag as it will help maintain the sleeping bags loft. It is generally not a good idea to store down sleeping bags compressed as this will reduce the bags effectiveness.

Further to the above we recommend taking the sleeping bag out of the compression bag when you first get it. Leave it out of both bags for as long as possible to restore the bags loft. This will increase the bags effectiveness.

Aegismax Nano 2 with storage bag
Packs down to small size.

Aegismax Nano 2 Specifications

  • Outer Fabric: iFLEX Nylon.
  • Inner Fabric: iFLEX Nylon.
  • Filling: 95% White Goose Down.
  • Fill Power: 800 FP.
  • Fill Weight Medium (M): 350 grams.
  • Fill Weight Large (L): 420 grams.
  • Net Weight Medium (M): 624 grams.
  • Net Weight Large (L): 742 grams.
  • Comfort Rating: 5°C/41°F.
  • Lower Limit: 0°C/32°F.
  • Extreme: -15°C/5°F.
  • Large Size(L): 200 x 86 cm, suitable for heights up to 190 cm.
  • Medium Size (M): 180 x 78 cm, suitable for heights up to 175 cm.
  • Colors available: Blue Sleeping Bag

Nano2, Nano2-L