Aegismax SPI SPII SPII Sleeping Bags 1~17°C
534~916 grams


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Aegismax SP sleeping bags are envelope style sleeping bags which come in three different models, the SP I, SP II and SP III. They are best suited for camping during the warmer months as the lower limits on all the bags are above 0 degrees. The rectangle shape of these sleeping bags makes the sleeping bag roomy from top to bottom. This makes these sleeping bags ideal for those who move around a lot when sleeping.

If you want an extra large bag for yourself or for sharing then two of these sleeping bags can be joined together.

Aegismax SP Sleeping Bag Specifications

  • Outer Fabric: iFLEX 20D Nylon
  • Inner Fabric: iFLEX 20D Nylon
  • Filling: 90% White Duck Down.
  • Fill Power: 650 FP.
  • Zipper YKK
  • Size: 200 x 80 cm
  • Colors available: Blue sleeping bags only.

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SP I Specifications

  • Model Number: SP I
  • Comfort: 17°C/63°F.
  • Lower Limit: 12°C/54°F.
  • Extreme Limit: -7°C/19°F
  • Fill: 208 grams
  • Gross Weight: 534 grams

SP II Specifications

  • Model Number: SP II
  • Comfort: 13°C/55°F.
  • Lower Limit: 8°C/46°F.
  • Extreme Limit: -9°/15°F
  • Fill: 320 grams
  • Gross Weight: 646 grams

SP III Specifications

  • Model Number: SP III
  • Comfort: 6°C/43°F.
  • Lower Limit: 1°C/34°F.
  • Extreme Limit: -14°C/7°F
  • Fill: 468 grams
  • Gross Weight: 916 grams

Aegismax SP Sleeping Bag Comparison Guide

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Aegismax SP I Sleeping Bag

Aegismax SP II Sleeping Bag

Aegis Max SP III Sleeping Bag

Aegismax envelope sleeping bag close ups
Aegismax envelope sleeping bag close ups.
High quality YKK zippers
High quality YKK zippers.
SP down sleeping bags spliced together
SP down sleeping bags spliced together.

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