Interactive Cat Toys – 16 to Choose From


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Is your cat getting a little bored? If so you have come to the right place with 16 different interactive cat toys to choose from. From rope mice to feather sucker sticks there is enough variation here to keep your cat entertained for hours. Please note the toy colour will be sent at random.

Interactive Cat Toys in Range

  • Feathers wand
  • Mouse sucker stick
  • Dumbbell cage
  • Rope mice
  • Plush mice
  • Spiral balls
  • Mouse toy for cat
  • Feathers wand with bells
  • Cat ball
  • Heavy gauge plastic colourful springs
  • Tinsel balls
  • Feather sucker stick
  • Spring mouse sucker stick
  • Spring feather sucker stick
  • Spring mouse with bell sucker stick

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