Li-Ning A800 Badminton Racket Un-Strung


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The Li-Ning A800 is a well balanced badminton racket with a flexible shaft. This combination makes this racket a balanced racket in attack and defence. With the good balance the racket is easy to switch from attack to defence while the flexible shaft can be used to generate power like a whip. Because of this some control can be lost as a result of the flexible shaft which is okay as long as you don’t aim for the lines.

Please note this racket does not include strings, if you need strings please order them here. However the racket will need to be strung by your local badminton pro-shop.

Li-Ning A800 Specifications

Shaft Material: Carbon

Frame Materiel: Carbon Fiber

Weight: 85 -89 grams (W3)

Grip: S2

Length: 67.5 cm

Flex: Medium

Classification: Offensive

Balance point: 285 +/- 5 mm

Lining badminton racket video preview

Li-Ning A800 Exploded View




Shaft Material


Model Number

AYPG356 12Q4

Grip Material


Weight (g)


Racket Hardness


Play Classificaiton

Ball Control Type (Both Defensive and Offensive)

Racket Handle Thickness


Length (cm)


Suitable Player

Amateur Junior

Balance Point


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