Pet Bed for Cats and Dogs 14 Colours Available


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Soft and fluffy round pet beds available in 14 different colours and 5 different sizes. Because of the size range available they can be used as cat beds or dog beds. These beds can be machine or hand washed so are easy to look after. They have anti-slip bottoms so they won’t slide around.

Cat Bed/Dog Bed Sizes Available

  • Extra large (XL): 80 cm diameter for pets under 25 Kg
  • Large (L): 70 cm diameter for pets under 18 Kg
  • Medium (M): 60 cm diameter for pets under 9 Kg
  • Small (S): 50 cm diameter for pets smaller than 5 Kg
  • Extra small (XS): 40 cm diameter for pets less than 2.5 Kg

Pet Bed Colours Available

  • White, rose, purple, red, gray, blue, beige, pink, light coffee, light grey, beige yellow, grass green, mixed colours and dark coffee

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Pet BedCat BedDog BedRound Cat Bed Cushion



White, Rose, Purple, Red, Gray, Blue, Beige, Pink, Light coffee, Light grey, Beige yellow, grass green, Colorful, Dark coffee


40cm, 50cm, 60cm, 70cm, 80cm, 100cm, 90cm




100% Cotton

Is Smart Device



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