Windscreen Chip Repair Kit Quick Fix

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Looking for a windscreen chip repair kit for sale? Our kit is just what you need to repair windscreen chips and windscreen cracks. Our price is always a good price as we link you direct with the supplier of local businesses selling the same or similar product. No need to search further for a windscreen repair tool kit for sale as our price is always a good price.

DIY windshield repair can be done in 4 easy steps as shown in the product video. Once done you will not even be able to see where the original windscreen cracks or windscreen chips were.

Windscreen Chip Repair Kit Tips

  • As soon as damage occurs on your windscreen cover it to avoid moisture and dirt entering
  • Repair cracks and chips as soon as you can before they get worse
  • Do not use repair kit in direct sunlight
  • Best used between 15° to 32°C or 60°F to 90°F
  • Surface should be clean and dry before commencing repair of windshield
  • Do not expose the resign to paint or plastic trims as it can cause damage
  • Not all repairs will be fully invisible
  • Gloves and glasses should be worn while repairing your windscreen

Windscreen Repair Kit Contents

  • Repair resign
  • Repair device
  • Curing films
  • Sleeved razor blade
  • Instructions

Repair windshield cracks and chips

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windscreen chip repair kit for sale

Windscreen Cracks Repair

Windscreen Chips Repair

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