Winter Dog Bed Available in 16 Colors and 7 Sizes


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This winter dog bed will keep your dog warm during the colder months. It is available in 7 sizes with 16 colors to choose from, which is great if you have more than one pet. These dog beds are machine washable so can be kept clean easily. Free shipping to most countries, please contact us if yours is not currently listed.

Winter Dog Bed Specifications

  • Fluffy velvet material
  • 16 Colours available
  • Suits small dogs and cats
  • 7 Sizes available
  • Machine washable

To find the best size bed for your dog or cat use their weight to determine which size to order. If unsure get the next size up. As an example if your pet weights 4 kg then order the small (S) bed, if they weight 5 kg we would recommend ordering the medium bed.

Dog Bed Size Guide

  • Extra Small (XS), 40 cm wide, up to 2.5 kg dog
  • Small (S), 50 cm wide, up to 5 kg dog
  • Medium (M), 60 cm wide, up to 9 kg dog
  • Large (L), 70 cm wide, up to 12 kg dog
  • Extra Large (XL), 80 cm wide, up to 15 kg dog
  • Extra Extra Large (XXL), 90 cm wide, up to 20 kg dog
  • Extra Extra Extra Large (XXXL), 100 cm wide, up to 30 kg dog


Winter dog beds example size guide

Long plush fibres

Non slip bottom
Non slip bottom

Dog bed available in small medium large extra large extra small plus more


Watching you sleep

Lots of colors to choose from
Lots of colors to choose from
Winter dog beds 18 styles availavle
Winter dog beds 18 styles availavle

Light Brown, Beige, Dark Gray, Blue, Beige Yellow, Gray, Coffee, Dark Green, Light Pink, Purple, Black Cartoon, Fruit Green, Pink, Beige-Gray, Red, Beige brown


XS 40 cm, S 50 cm, M 60 cm, L 70 cm, XL 80 cm, XXL 90CM, XXXL 100CM

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